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Job Search Resources: PSJD

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If you're looking for a way to find public service legal employers, and to see job postings from those employers, PSJD is a great place to start. As explained by PSJD, PSJD is an"online clearinghouse for law students and lawyers to connect with public interest job listings and career-building resources.  As a collaborative project among over 200 American [...]

2L/3LE/3L/4LE: Medical Mutual Spring 2019 Externship

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Medical Mutual is still seeking a Spring 2019 extern. If you'd like to apply to this position, please contact the Office of Career Strategy and Employment ASAP to submit your cover letter, transcript, and writing sample. Location: 2060 East 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115 Prerequisites: Completion of at least 29 credit hours; interview. A trusted [...]

1Ls and 2Ls: ABA Business Law Section Diversity Clerkship Program

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The ABA Business Law Section is currently accepting applications for the 2019 Diversity Clerkship Program. The Diversity Clerkship Program is a summer program that provides business law clerkship placements for qualified diverse first or second year law students. Participating clerks receive support and mentoring in the business law field and exposure to business practices. The [...]

Upcoming Deadlines: Government Honors & Internship Handbook

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The Office of Career Planning subscribes to the Government Honors & Internship Handbook, a comprehensive listing of federal government agency legal hiring programs (and many state-level programs as well)  Access the Handbook through the CareerConnect Resource Library. Rolling Deadlines Access the "Applications by Deadline" tables for your class year for a quick reference of all [...]

CMBA Minority Clerkship Program: Information Session

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Each year, the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (“CMBA”) sponsors the Minority Clerkship Program. As the CMBA describes on its website: “[t]his program provides the opportunity for qualified minority law students to work as law clerks or summer associates in a firm, legal department or government agency at the end of their first year of law school. [...]

Public Service Fellowships: Important Information Session on November 7

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There are many ways that C|M|LAW supports students in their efforts to Learn Law. Live Justice. One important way is through our Public Service Fellowship Program. C|M|LAW has seven endowed fellowships designed to help you Live Justice. The fellowships are varied in the type of work they each support and the amount of money they provide, but [...]

First-Year Students: Welcome to the Office of Career Strategy and Employment!

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With Wednesday's Introduction to the Legal Market for First-Year Students, your career development has officially begun! Given that you're likely amidst a middle of the semester that is busy with reading, outlining, and reviewing, we know it can seem daunting to think about adding career development to the mix. Rest assured that you're not yet [...]

Tips for your Job Search Story

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Your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and answers to interview questions all fit together to tell a potential employer a story about your skills and strengths. Wondering what your application materials say about you? Looking for ideas about how to tailor your materials to the job you're hoping to secure? Check out this podcast from the [...]

Graduating in 2019?

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Don't wait until the Spring semester to visit the Office of Career Strategy and Employment! Your post-graduate job search starts now. Schedule a meeting in October to discuss what you should be doing now to ensure success. We can also review your transcript to make sure you're on track to graduate and provide advice about [...]

2018 Equal Justice Works Conference & Career Fair Diversity Scholarship

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In an effort to increase diversity at this year's Conference and Career Fair, Equal Justice Works is offering scholarships to those students who believe they will contribute positively to the diversity of the event. Students at Equal Justice Works member schools who live more than 50 miles outside of the Washington D.C metropolitan area are [...]