Mock Interview Schedules are Open Now

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Staying calm, composed, and communicating effectively in an interview can mean everything when it comes to securing an employment opportunity as a law student. Can you talk about yourself? Are you ready to articulate your specific interest in a particular employer or a particular position? Do you know what your strengths are, and why those [...]

We all make mistakes….

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An important part of being a professional and ethical attorney is knowing how to react and respond properly when you make a mistake. We're only human, so mistakes will happen in our practice. Even as a student, it's important to start thinking about how our Rules of Professional Conduct govern our practice. This ABA article [...]

Ohio Women’s Bar Mentoring Circles

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It is time to join the OWBA Mentoring Program. The program is organized into "Circles," much like Sheryl Sandberg's Lean InCircles. Each Mentoring Circle will consist of approximately 1-3 mentors to approximately 8-12 mentees. This allows mentees to have exposure to the influence, experience and wisdom of more than one seasoned OWBA mentor, making the [...]

Considering solo practice?

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The Jump-Start Your Law Practice conference (#JYLP2017) is a motivational law practice leadership training and networking event that will give you a jump-start on effective business planning, marketing planning, and management of your law practice in order to start or improve your solo or small law practice and achieve the goals you desire. It will [...]

Ohio State Bar Association Environmental Law Award ($$$)

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The firm of McMahon DeGulis is pleased to collaborate with The Ohio State Bar Association Environmental Law Committee on the Annual Environmental Law: Call for Papers. The OSBA Environmental Law Committee seeks papers that advance the application and practice of environmental, energy or resources law in the State of Ohio. The winner of this contest [...]

First-Year Student Workshop: Building and Protecting your Professional Identity

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The second workshop of the Office of Career Planning's four-part required series takes place this week on Wednesday, October 4, at 5PM in the Moot Courtroom. We'll cover the important topic of Building and Protecting your Professional Identity. As a law student, you're entering a client-focused and service-driven profession in which excellence will be expected [...]

First-Year Students: Required Workshop October 4

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The second required career planning workshop for first-year students will take place in just one week. On October 4 at 5PM join the Office of Career Planning in the Moot Courtroom to discuss "Building and Protecting your Professional Identity." Professionalism is a broad term, and it can take on a variety of meanings in the [...]

Advice from Hiring Attorneys – How to Stand Out

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Did you miss the OCP's Program on Monday entitled The View from the Hiring Chair: What Makes Hiring Attorneys Extend an Offer? The panel discussion covered four general topics: Legal Skills; Professional Skills; Resumes and Cover Letters; and Interviewing. If you were unable to attend, we'll provide a few high level quick take-away tips here. [...]

University Wide Mock Interview Day

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On Friday, September 29, the Cleveland State Career Center will hold a university-wide mock interview program that is open to law students. While the mock interviews are not law-specific, they are conducted by CSU alumni working in a wide variety of professional fields. Interviewers have experience in the private sector and the public sector. If [...]

The View from the Hiring Chair: What Makes Hiring Attorneys Extend a Job Offer

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On Monday, September 25 at 12PM, the Office of Career Planning will offer all students (any class year) a unique opportunity to hear from decision makers and leaders when it comes to hiring law students. Curious about what will make you stand out in this legal market? Hear about everything, including legal and professional skills [...]