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Tips for Summer Success

By |2019-05-30T11:41:07-04:00May 31st, 2019|Knowledge, Professionalism|

Sound advice for making sure you get good experience, strong references, and maybe even another job offer. This article, while directed primarily toward students working as summer associates at larger firms, offers good advice for all students working as summer associates or summer law clerks. The most important thing? "[Employers] welcome curious minds and motivated [...]

$1,000 Scholarship Opportunity

By |2019-05-30T09:53:56-04:00May 30th, 2019|Fellowships & Funding, Knowledge, Networking|

Allen Tittle Medical Malpractice Awareness Scholarship Passionate about raising awareness of medical malpractice and giving back to the community, the law firm of Tittle & Perlmuter is happy to award the $1,000 Allen Tittle Medical Malpractice Awareness Scholarship this fall. As a Medical Malpractice law firm, we want to raise awareness of the issue of [...]

2019 St. Louis Diversity Job Fair

By |2019-05-30T09:37:53-04:00May 30th, 2019|Interviewing, Job Search|

The 2019 St. Louis Diversity Job Fair ("SLDJF") is open to J.D. students in the classes of 2020 and 2021. The Job Fair interviews will be held Saturday, August 3, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Saint Louis University School of Law, 100 N Tucker Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63101. The deadline for law [...]

Jump-start your career with a Judicial Clerkship

By |2019-05-20T15:35:50-04:00May 20th, 2019|Job Search, Knowledge|

May 2020 Grads: Apply by June 17th for most federal clerkships! Judicial clerkships are an excellent way to begin your post-graduate legal career. In these roles, you sharpen your research, reasoning, analysis, and writing skills while working closely with a federal or state judge and other staff attorneys or law clerks. You have the ability [...]

15th Annual Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair

By |2019-05-15T12:14:43-04:00May 15th, 2019|Events, Job Search|

The 15th Annual Heartland Diversity Legal Job Fair (HDLJF) will be held August 9-10, 2019 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Students who are interested in becoming part of Kansas City’s dynamic legal community should strongly consider attending this event.  Students who will be returning to school in August and those graduating in May are eligible to [...]

Do You Want to Work for DOJ?

By |2019-05-06T14:09:52-04:00May 6th, 2019|Events, Job Search, Knowledge|

Recorded webinar on their student and new graduate hiring programs available until May 15, 2019. The Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management at the U.S. Department of Justice recently held a webinar that provided overviews and information about the Attorney General's Honors Program (for rising 3L/4LE students) and the Summer Law Internship Program (for all [...]

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