May 2020 Grads: Apply by June 17th for most federal clerkships!

Judicial clerkships are an excellent way to begin your post-graduate legal career. In these roles, you sharpen your research, reasoning, analysis, and writing skills while working closely with a federal or state judge and other staff attorneys or law clerks. You have the ability to observe a variety of proceedings and lawyers, and frequently will be permitted to handle pre-trial conferences, case status conferences, and other pre-trial proceedings.

Applications for post-graduate judicial clerkships are often very early – many federal judges hire one to two years in advance!

For those graduating in May or December 2020, now is the time to be submitting applications for federal judicial clerkships. Learn more the work of a federal judicial clerk at Almost all federal judges solicit applications through OSCAR. Submit your applications now for best consideration.

State-level clerkships also often fill early and are generally best secured by reaching out directly to judges of interest.

If you are interested in considering a post-graduate clerkship, please call or email the OCSE to discuss your interests and additional resources.