If you are a student with a degree (or at least two years of coursework) in engineering, computer sciences or the hard sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, or related fields), and are interested in becoming a Patent Agent or Attorney, Practising Law Institute (PLI) invites you to a presentation by Mark Dighton, PLI’s Director of Law School Relations and a Director of their Patent Office Exam Course. The presentation will be held on October 23 at 5:15PM in LB60.

Topics for discussion include:

·         The latest info on the Patent Office Exam,

·         Who can take it,

·         How it works, now that it’s on computer and “on demand,”

·         When you should take it (you don’t need to…and probably shouldn’t…wait until you graduate),

·         How the America Invents Act and recent US Supreme Court cases have impacted the Exam, and

·         Recommendations on when and how to study for this very difficult Exam.

Scholarships to PLI’s other IP programs will also be discussed.

Please visit PLI on the Web for information and resources: