Although this is a very busy time of year in the academic calendar for first-year students, it is also the time of year when employers begin to post summer positions for first-year students. If you have not already begun to do so, first-year students should be regularly checking the Jobs section of CareerConnect to view posted jobs and, where applicable, submit applications.

Of note this week is the addition of a 1L summer associate position from Calfee. The posting reads: Calfee is looking for 1Ls to join our  2020 Summer Program.  Please visit our website at, for a detailed description of our program.  Interviews will be scheduled for mid-January.

The job posting requires a cover letter and resume; transcripts should be provided once they become available. You should not wait until you have the transcript to apply – submit the cover letter and resume and supplement with the transcript when you have it.

Questions? Contact Sarah Beznoska at