This week’s Terrific Tuesday event is one of several ways the Office of Career Planning works to bring networking opportunities to students, and we are excited to see you all there. Not sure if the program is a fit for you? Regardless of your class year, we promise there’s something to be gained from attending!

This event is a learning opportunity and a way to increase your knowledge about specific career paths. But, it is also an opportunity to practice connecting with the extensive C|M|LAW alumni community – meet attorneys, hear how they tell the story of their career paths, practice asking them questions, use your active listening, learn about what makes them successful, and begin building relationships. As Reid Hoffman explains in his book The Start-Up of You: “We are all works in progress. Each day presents an opportunity to learn more, do more, be more, grow in our lives and careers.”

Terrific Tuesday is your opportunity to do all of that – and more – right here in the Learning Commons. Attend Terrific Tuesday and you will learn about specific practice areas: Criminal Law; Business Law; Elder Law / Estate Planning; Labor & Employment Law; Tort / Personal Injury / Med Mal; Domestic Relations Law; and Non-traditional (JD Advantage). If those practice areas are not of interest, you should still attend. Try focusing not strictly on practice area, but on type of practice (litigation, transaction, non-traditional) and learn about the skill sets that will be generally helpful. At the very least, spend some time listening to attorneys talk about what they do – focus on the language they use, see how they convey enthusiasm and commitment for their work, and learn how they found the right fit for them.

Preparing for Terrific Tuesday is easy. Review the LinkedIn bios and profiles of the attorney-participants. Plan some questions to ask each of them. Think about your own story – what brought you to law school, what strengths do you offer, where do your interests lie? Dress in business casual attire. Come to the Learning Commons between 4:30PM and 6PM on Tuesday, September 19, with an open mind and an eagerness to learn!