Have you completed your required credits in an externship or a clinic? Remember that fulfilling your required credits in experiential learning is a graduation requirement. Now is the time to consider and apply for Spring 2018 positions. The Judicial Externship application process is ongoing, and all additional externship sites are open for application through CareerConnect.

For information about available placements, review this list which will continue to be updated.

If you are interested in a Spring 2018 externship, please log-in to CareerConnect and complete the Externship Pre-Application on the right-side. You will also need to meet with Sarah or Heather, very briefly, before submitting your formal application. If necessary, this meeting can be conducted by phone, but should be done ASAP after submitting your pre-application. Know, also, that the pre-application is just the first step – you must also apply directly to the site and conduct a formal interview. There is no time to waste – start NOW if you are seeking a placement for the Spring.

Questions? Contact me. Also, the Externship Handbook can help! Or, watch this brief video.