Our alumni who work at SureSite have re-scheduled their October career conversation for Tuesday! If you are curious about JD Advantage career paths, this is a conversation for you.

Tuesday, October 17 presents you with an opportunity to hear from three C|M|LAW alumni who are working at SureSite Consulting. SureSite was founded in 1999 to provide site development services to the wireless telecommunications industry. The organization has regularly hired a law student to assist during the semester and/or the summer.
Andrew Crouch, Mary Martin, and Chris Repp all work as Project Managers at SureSite. They will join the Office of Career Planning in the Learning Commons at 12PM on Tuesday, October 17, to talk about what they do, why they enjoy it, and to answer student questions.
Please join us in the Learning Commons for this career conversation.
Questions? Contact the Office of Career Planning.