As we approach the Spring semester, one of the biggest misconceptions we hear from 3Ls and 4LEs is that there is nothing you can do to move forward with your permanent job search until you’ve graduated and passed the bar exam. This is absolutely not true, and if you take this approach during your final semester of law school, you will certainly face a more challenging and lengthy job search.

Engaging in the job search should be a focus of your final semester of law school. Start with the basics. Take a critical look at your resume – have you updated it recently to truly reflect your skills and your professional story? When is the last time you engaged in a legal job interview? Perhaps a Spring mock interview with one of our alumni is a good idea! Or, maybe you’ve realized that a bit more legal experience might help to develop an important skill set. Remember, as a student, you still have great ways to build your practical experience – have you considered a Clinic, another externship, or a law clerk position? Winter Break is a good time to consider applying for those opportunities, if you have not already done so.

You should also make every effort to meet attorneys and alumni who are practicing in the areas that are of interest to you because networking now will develop relationships for the long term. Practice talking about your skills and interests, and gather advice from people who are involved in the legal community. Remember that C|M|LAW alumni, the law school faculty, and the Office of Career Planning are all here to assist you. Put together a list of people you’d like to connect with and talk with us about how to get started. Remember, it is sometimes easier to make an initial connection while you are a student than it is once you’ve graduated.

For more detail on these and other tips, read this article from the Law School Toolbox. The important thing to remember is that you must take ownership over your job search, and you must do so now! The Office of Career Planning is open for the rest of this week, and back on January 2. Meet with us to put together your job search plan.