To be successful in your job search, you must believe in yourself and your abilities (and always seek to make improvements where you can!). The truth is, you will never succeed in convincing employers you’re a candidate they should hire unless you believe you’re skilled, qualified, and worth hiring.

Unfortunately, Impostor Syndrome hits lawyers and law students very hard, and can make you question your abilities and feel that you’re not skilled at the work you’re trying to complete. This can really hurt you in the job search, when you need to convince others that you CAN do the work.

If you struggle with this, mark your calendar for September 14 at 1PM, when the ABA will host a FREE career advice webinar:  Silencing the Voice of Self-Doubt: How to Build Evidence-Based Belief in Yourself. You’ll learn what is Impostor Syndrome and ways to address it by building true confidence. For more information and to register, see the ABA’s website.