Staying calm, composed, and communicating effectively in an interview can mean everything when it comes to securing an employment opportunity as a law student. Can you talk about yourself? Are you ready to articulate your specific interest in a particular employer or a particular position? Do you know what your strengths are, and why those qualities might be important to a legal employer? Are you ready to discuss every item on your resume? Are you prepared to answer behavior interview questions? Have you prepared questions that you can ask your interviewer?

There’s a lot that goes into a successful job interview. The best way to improve your interview skills is to practice. And, at C|M|LAW, we’re fortunate that many of our alumni are willing to volunteer their time to assist our students with improving their interview skills. The Spring 2018 Mock Interview Program is open for student sign-ups right now! The program features some of our most engaged alumni who are willing to provide you with critical advice and guidance on how to improve your interview skills.

All students, regardless of class year, should sign-up for one mock interview this semester. First-year students are required to complete one mock interview during this semester.

For information on completing your sign-up watch this brief video, or contact the Office of Career Planning.