Finding funding to support your interest in public service and public interest work can seem overwhelming. Luckily, C|M|LAW has seven endowed fellowships designed to help you Live Justice. The fellowships are varied in the type of work they each support and the amount of money they provide, but each is designed to support summer or post-graduate work in public service and public interest.

For example, the Terry and Robin Gilbert Social Justice Fellowship Fund encourages students and graduates to work on behalf of those deprived of rights because of class, race, or sexual preference, and to advocate the promotion of constitutional rights and progressive justice for those charged. with crime. The Max I. Kohrman Memorial Endowed Public Interest Fellowship Fund supports Cleveland-Marshall students who show an interest in joining the legal staffs of institutions, both public and private, which are committed to public service. The Edith and Sidney Simon Civil Liberties Fellowship supports students who have demonstrated or expressed a commitment to civil liberties. And, these are just three examples! Read more about each fellowship here.

The application process for these fellowships opens in February, but you should keep them in mind as you consider options for the summer. Another great resource for finding summer funding is the PSJD Funding Sources guide available here.

Interested in public service and public interest, but not sure how it fits into your long-term plans? Schedule a meeting in the Office of Career Planning to discuss how you can Live Justice.