Expand your horizons in the South Pacific

Class of 2017 graduate Lukas Padegimas is in his second year of a judicial clerkship in Chuuk, Micronesia. He recently shared with us conversations he’s had with judges in the Pacific Region who struggle to fill Court Attorney and Judicial Clerk roles. Following are a few specific opportunities currently available for students and soon-to-be-graduates with an adventurous spirit and a desire to travel.

Justice Perry Inos of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Supreme Court is currently searching for a Law Clerk. The Court is based in CNMI’s main island Saipan, which is somewhat developed and looked like a really pleasant place to live. Nice year-round weather, save for the occasional typhoon, plenty of snorkeling, diving, and nightlife, as well as beaches. Controlled in part by the U.S. and based off the U.S. Federal Common Law system. There are not that many cases, but most get published and it is a great career step for a recent grad. Justice Inos requires that you have a decently high GPA/class rank and were part of a Law Review.

A number of other openings also exist within other Courts in the CNMI. If you are interested in this opportunity with Justice Inos or any of the other opportunities, please contact the OCSE to be connected to Mr. Padegimas.

Kosrae State Supreme Court is searching for a Court Attorney. It is similar to a common pleas court. Kosrae is a quiet island with about 5,000 people. Has spectacular beaches and diving. The position will result in the attorney advising the court’s judges as to questions of law on many issues. Kosrae is a state in the Federated States of Micronesia, and its system is based in part from Federal Common law and in part from custom and traditional law of the region.

In Chuuk, Micronesian Legal Services is searching for a directing attorney. It does similar work of Cleveland’s Legal Aid Society – represents individuals in civil litigation. Also a job of quite a lot of responsibility that would be difficult for a new attorney to get in mainland U.S.

Several Courts in American Samoa are going to start their recruiting season for Court Attorneys/law clerks shortly as well.

If you are interested in learning more about or applying to any of these opportunities, please contact the OCSE as soon as possible.