Now that the third workshop of our First-Year Career Planning series is complete, it is time for first-year students to start thinking about individualized career development and job search strategies. While we recognize that this is a very busy time of year in the academic calendar, it is also the proper time of year to begin introducing elements of career planning into your day-to-day life as a law student.

In addition to continuing to attend events on-campus, connecting with guest speakers, alumni, and guests, the Office of Career Planning also advises you adhere to the following timelines:

  • Before November 30: Schedule and complete one individualized appointment in the OCP. This is a chance for us to get to know you and for you to ask initial questions and get some first ideas about where to start your career development process.
  • Before end of the calendar year: Finalize resume, draft one cover letter, finalize writing sample (after semester ends), and identify possible references.
  • Winter Break: be mindful of early deadlines, conduct one Informational Interview, and apply for summer jobs.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? That’s normal. Mid-October is a tough time in the law school calendar. For tips on dealing with this common first-year feeling, read this article.