January is the time for new beginnings and resolutions for change – that can be true in your career development and job search too! As we close out 2017 and look ahead to the Spring 2018 semester, consider the following:

  1. Refresh your application materials. If you’re an upper-level student, it is possible that you haven’t had a detailed conversation with the OCP this year about your resume and/or cover letter. January is a great time for an update! Let us help you revise any additions to your resume, add Fall externship or clinic experience, or even just re-think the professional story your application documents tell about you. These conversations are best had in person – schedule a meeting or just stop by any time after January 2.
  2. Set SMART goals for the Spring semester. You’ll hear a lot this time of year about specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. Use the SMART method for your career goals as well. This can be particularly helpful with networking efforts as the semester gets busy – keep yourself on track by knowing how many meetings you’d like to have, who you’d like to meet with, for what reason, and by what date.
  3. Calendar time for career development. If you don’t set aside specific time each week for the important task of moving forward with your career development, you run the risk of getting nothing done. Figure out which day works best for you, set aside the time, and use it for conducting networking meetings, attending events in the legal community, and responding to job postings. We also encourage you to schedule regular meetings in the OCP and let us help you stay on track!
  4. Reflect on the Fall semester and let that reflection guide your planning for the Spring semester. For tips, read this article.
  5. Ask questions and ask for help. The OCP, the faculty, and the alumni community are all resources for you to use, and we look forward to working with you in Spring 2018!