Are you a law student looking for quality work experience on a flexible schedule? Looking to make some extra money, but not able to commit to a part-time work schedule for the entire semester? Consider becoming a student contractor with F|G Consulting Solutions.

F | G Consulting Solutions is an innovative, high-quality, and specialized legal service staffing provider founded by two C|M|LAW graduates, Paul Flannery ’07 and Chris Georgalis ’05. FGCS seeks to connect law students to law firms and legal departments of all practices on a project by project basis. The opportunity to service and collaborate with a variety of legal practices and clients offers fantastic practical legal experience.

According to FGCS, the organization will tailor experiences for each student’s interests and future legal career. FGCS allows flexible access to many prominent and successful law firms while at the same time ensuring that student contractors are timely and fairly compensated for work

To become a student contractor with FGCS, you can find a copy of the contractor enrollment form in the Office of Career Planning. Or, contact Paul Flannery and Chris Georgalis directly at (216) 367-2120 or .