Now that final fall semester grades have posted, the OCP frequently receives questions from students about electing the pass/fail option, disputing a grade, or reviewing exams. This is a reminder of the policies and procedures around those questions.

Pass/C-/D+/D/F Option

Between now and January 19, students wishing to elect this option may submit the Change of Grading Basis Form to the Records Office in LB 142.

Pursuant to Academic Regulation 4.6, this option is available to current 2L, 2LE, 3L, 3LE, and 4LE students. This option may be exercised on up to two elective courses (not to exceed 8 total credit hours) total, and only one course in a semester. A student must earn a “C” or better in the course in order to receive a “P”.

Disputing a Grade

Academic Regulation 2.4 addresses grade dispute petition procedures. Before any petition may be filed, the Regulation requires a student to make “a good faith effort to discuss a change of grade with the faculty member”. At that point, if an error was made, the faculty member can submit the change of grade request to the Academic Standards Committee for vote.

If, after a good faith effort to discuss the change of grade and no action from the faculty member within 10 days of the request for grade change, the student may petition the Academic Standards Committee for a change of grade. That petition must be filed within 10 days after the faculty member “has failed to act or has communicated, either orally or in writing, a refusal to change the student’s grade.”

A petition for change of grade will be granted only upon a showing of: “clear and convincing evidence that there has been a computational or clerical error”, evidence that “the grade awarded was arbitrary or capricious”, or that the student’s “timely request to take the examination or submit a required paper at another time was improperly denied”.

Students who are considering filing a petition for change of grade are strongly encourage to read Academic Regulation 2.4 in its entirety, as it provides detailed criteria, timelines, and instructions.

Reviewing Exams

The Office of Career Planning encourages all students to review their exams. This opportunity to see your graded exam provides valuable feedback on your preparation, strategies, and writing. You are also encouraged to talk with your faculty members to learn what you did well and where you can improve moving forward. The dates for the exam review period will be announced by email soon.

Other Questions? Be in touch with the Office of Career Planning!