It is now time to start considering whether you want to pursue an externship for the Fall 2019 term. If you think you may want to pursue a Fall 2019 externship, please make note of the following timeline that must be followed:

  • Pre-Applications must be submitted no later than March 30. If you’re even just considering a Fall 2019 externship, you should submit a Pre-Application. The Pre-Application is available here:
  • Student meetings with the OCP must be completed no later than April 15
  • Externships will be open for applications from April 10 until April 30

Please click here for the full C|M|LAW Externship Program Handbook. It is expected that every student reads the Handbook who is considering enrolling in an externship. It contains program requirements and important information to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to pursue the externship of your preference.

Please contact your OCSE Adviser with any questions or concerns.